Do you have an idea but you do not know how to put it in action? We can help you!

The Institute of Scientific Hospitalization and Care (IRCCS) SAN RAFFAELE HOSPITAL in Milan, has allowed our owner Pietro Peluso,to acquire over ten years of experience in the design and development of Innovative Medical Devices!

And where we do not have the perfect specialist knowledge, because we are not “know-it-all” people, a list of excellent collaborators of extreme trust, such as Dr. Alessio Prini, Dr. Samuele Ceci, Dr. Giancarlo Colombo, and very few others, offer their own sectoral experience to allow you to achieve the objectives, both in terms of time and economy.

This, is our understandable modus operandi:

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MEQUIPE offers its experience gained in over 30 years of activity in the field of product and system certification, especially in the medical field, to allow you to realize even what you have in mind!  A single interlocutor to help you achieve your business goals!

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