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MEQUIPE Trainers, with many experience of over thirty years in the regulatory and normative sector, design and deliver training events, seminars,round tables,specialization courses,specific to the medical field,in particular:

Code Title Purpose
FSGQ9001 ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Design, implement and keep active an ISO 9001 quality management system.
FSGQ13485 Il Sistema di Gestione Qualità ISO 13485:2016 Design, implement and keep active an ISO 13485 Quality Management System, specific to the medical field.
FR745 (UE) Regulation 2017/745 Know and apply the (UE) Regulation to adapt the CE marking processes to the new requirements.
FSA+n°norm (60601-1, 60335-1, 62304, 62366, 14971) Harmonized Standards Meet the requirements of the harmonized standards, through the application to your devices
FTFL end-of-production-lineTesting Identification, forms, effciency and results, through the application to your devices, post certification.
FVSG Eletric safety periodic audits Tipology, forms, efficiency, both for your devices and for those of your customers.
FVI How to carry out Inspections in compliance with ISO 19011 standard Plan, carry out and record the results of internal inspections or qualified (or to be qualified) supplier

The courses can be delivered in different ways:

Ask for the complete list of coursesor the training event CUSTOM, we will be glad to support you in your training needs!

  • in the classroom, and/or the MEQUIPE headquarters,
  • c/o the customer’s location,
  • at a distance
  • Residential (weekend on the farm – max 4 learners)

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