Over 30 years of experience in the world of product and system certification in the medical field and membership in the Professional College, allow our owner Pietro Peluso,to represent today, the reference point of

countless law firms that assist clients in criminal cases, as a result of problems involving their medical devices.

Seriousness, experience, competence, analytical skills, professional ethics, peculiarities made available to the Customer as CTP (Part Technical Consultant) and judges as CTU (Office Technical Consultant).

Make an appointment with the Per. Ind. Pietro Peluso, member of the Order of Industrial Experts of Milan, n°6041, for a highly professional and FREE opinion, on the criminal cause that is no longer allowing you to live peacefully!

He receives by appointment, c/o the headquarters of MEQUIPE in Via R. Pitteri, 8. 20134 Milan, Italy

  • Voicemail: 02- – Mrs Pamela Strano
  • Mobile Expert: 338-34.61.485

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Law Firm- ODDO LORA GABRIELE Prof. Avv. Antonio Oddo Avv. Claudio Gabriele

Dr Andrea Savino Dr. Andrea Savino

Avv. Sara Azzini Avv. Sara Azzini

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